Debrigarh Nature Camp


Debrigarh Eco Tourism: Debrigarh Camping, Sambalpur

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How to Reach:

Location: Debrigarh Sanctuary, Sambalpur Odisha

Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar

Distance From Airport: 289 Km

Nearest Railway Station: Sambalpur

Distance from Railway Station: 35 Km


The Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is fringed on the east and north by the huge man-made water body of Hirakud reservoir. thus forming one of the select few sanctuaries in the state supporting both terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity; which further attracts a significant number of migratory waterfowl during winter; and also this Wildlife Sanctuary is home to over 250 plant species, 40 species of mammals, 234 species of birds, 41 species of reptiles, 12 species of amphibians, 42 species of fishes, 39 species of odonates, 85 species of butterflies and 38 species of spiders, many of which have ethno-botanical and medicinal value. 

The magnificent lot of flora and fauna in Debrigarh sanctuary have a spice of history to it too. It is in the records that Veer Surendra Sai, our proud Odia freedom fighter, fought the famous guerrilla war against British during the Independence Movement from the Barapahada hills here in Western Odisha. The rich history and geography of this landscape are reasons enough for tourists to hop into the destination for an exciting stay! Engagement with the local community can strike up refreshing conversations about their stories of adventure in the jungles. 

Debrigarh Nature Camp: 

  • It was built by Govt of Odisha at the bank of Hirakud Reservoir. 

  • It is managed by local community. 

  • The cottages have 7 types of rooms 

1.Bhumi – 1 Four bedded Room (AC) 

2.Akash - 1 Double bedded Room (AC) 

3.Agni – 1 Double bedded Room (AC) 

4.Bayu – 1 Double bedded Room (AC) 

5.Jal – 1 Double bedded Room (AC) 

6.Pruthivi - 1 Double bedded Room (AC) 

7.Bisson Block -8 Double bedded Rooms (AC) 

  • The cottages have all the modern facilities and designed in a unique style. 

  • The magnificent view from the nature camp give peace and anyone can the beauty of nature admire after seeing this. 

  • Without disturbing the nature while moving inside the sanctuary the eco tourists can see Bisons, Sambars, Chitals, Peacocks, Wild boars and other animals and birds moving from one transact of the forest to the other. 

  • Here both veg and non-veg foods are served to the guests. 


  • Room– 14 Rooms(A/C) 

  • Dining hall 

  • Toilet & Bathroom 

  • Parking Place Sports 

  • Local Odia Foods 

Things to do: 

  • Boating 

  • Forest Trekking 

  • Interaction with tribal people 

  • Animal Sightseeing 

  • Birding 

  • Nature Photography 

  • Star Gazing 

  • Visit to nearby places 


  • Responsible Tourism Western Odisha 

  • Sustainable Tourism at Debrigarh Sanctuar

  • Countryside Tourism at Sambalpur

  • Offbeat Tourism at Western Odisha

  • Vocal For Local Tourism for Odisha

  • Agro Tourism at Sambalpur

  • Community Tourism at Debrigarh

  • Experience Tours 

  • Engage With Local Communities at Debrigarh Sanctuary

  • Nature Tours at Debrigarh


DBL Occupancy: Rs 5572, Rs  6190 & Rs 7500 ( Depending on Accommodation)

Extra Person: Rs 1200

Driver accommodation and Meal is Rs 750, direct cash payment needed at nature camp.

Entry Fee at Debrigarh: Rs 40 Per person per day

Child Policy: Child up to 3 years free of Charge, 4 years to 18 years Rs 1200 per head ( with all meal)

For booking Debrigarh Nature Camp call us at 9777784335 or mail us at [email protected]

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