Heritage Walk

Heritage Walk : Old town Bhubaneswar

2 & half Hours

The heritage walk to the old city of Bhubaneswar to sea the magnificent temple architecture, lifestyle of Priests and their livelihood. The walk takes place early morning from Mukteswar temple. The idea is to experience the richness of temples ranging from 6th century to 13 century.

The total walk stretch is ranging from 3 km to 5 km depending upon temperature & interest of the visitors. The streets & bazaars around the temple are unique in their nature, the vegetable vendors with their fresh green vegetables, colorful flowers,local street foods, stalls selling religious books, picture frames, etc etc. There are also sacred tanks for prayers, numerous budget rest house ( local call it Dhamasalas),large scale temple kitchens, smoke coming out from the royal kitchen takes us to past page of human habitat. This tour is excellent for those interested in photographing important monuments as well as daily street life.

Meeting point: Mukteswar Temple Time: 06:00 AM
End point: Lingaraj Temple 08:30 AM

INR 750 per person for 7-10 persons
INR 1000 per person for 5-6 persons
INR 1500 per person for 3-4 persons
INR 1750 per person for 2 persons
INR 3000 for a solo traveler

Sunday: Free for All

Tour Escort
All Taxes One local refreshment
Heritage Guide / Escort

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