Varanasi Walk


Varanasi: Heritage Walk

3 hours Heritage Walk 

Varanasi or Banaras or Kashi, you can call any name to this oldest city of India but this is the city where you can find out the whole of India together. To get the real charm of Varanasi, you must visit the River side area behind the Ghats. Since Varanasi is the oldest city of the world & this can be easily witness from each of its numerous narrow alleys. Varanasi is a land of Narrow alleys, old colorful temples, shrines, age old monasteries, yesterday buildings, cultural diversity, intense religious belief, never ending markets, mouth watering delicious food, soft-spoken people, unspoken Cows & bulls and many surprises… All can be witness & experience with a simple walk along with our local guide.

Local Guide (For the safe and honorable tourism we provide only licensed guide)

Transport (Hotel pickup & drop)

Exclusion: Food & Drink Schedule

Time: Any time from 05:00 AM to 05:00 PM for 3 hrs

Meet & greet at hotel, Varanasi, our guide will first brief you about the history, its people, major destinations & time schedule for the Varanasi Heritage Walk. We pick you up from your hotel and drive upto Harishchandra Ghat [Cremation Ghat], from where walking tour will start. Experience Varanasi’s ‘Life & Death’ together.

Then walk to Kadedar Ghat to see thousands of Hindus taking their holy bath, prayer and doing rituals with many hidden wish in their mind. From Kedar Ghat stepped into the narrow lanes of Varanasi which is with the full of life, residence, business, temples, vegetable vendors, cow & bulls. Where ever you will see most of vendors selling flower, it mean that part have some important temple. Since pilgrims comes from all part of India so small neighborhoods exist composed for each different language and region of India.

Also visit Ahilyabai Ghat and walk to Dasaswmedh Ghat. Must have the local experience like speaking with Sadhus, about their life & Nirvana, experience ‘People watching’. After Manikarnika Ghat, walk back to the pre-mentioned area where driver will meet you and drive back to Hotel.

Evening Aarati at various Ghat of Ganga River all so can be arranged, let us know the details at [email protected]

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