Mud House Stay Odisha

Earth House Stay: Odisha

3 days

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Day 01: Arrival at Bhubaneswar - Transfer to Mud House Village
Arrival at Bhubaneswar Railway Station/Airport, meet & greet, transfer to Village, on the bank of the Chilika Lake. Mangalazodi is a country side village just 70 km from Bhubaneswar, the main occupation of the villagers are agriculture, fishing & Birding eco-tourism. The villagers of Mangalazodi welcome you into their village; hosts more than 800000 birds which jostle in its marshy water, especially the migratory & local birds, few hours birds’ safari with Country boat at wetland of Mangalazodi, also experience the boat making, agricultural farming and Fishing net weaving activities. With this nature safari, you will be accompanied by a village leader. Visitors also have village Lunch with community based initiatives. Over night at Mangalazodi. ( Total Km 80)

Story behind Mangalajaodi Eco Village: Once upon a time Mangalajodi was bird poacher village. Most of the villagers were engaged in poaching, usually poisoning/ poisoning or shooting the birds. Some of them claim to have simply caught the birds and twisted their necks after catching them in nets. They earned few amount of money from selling the dead birds to the local dhabas / Hotels and in the cities; five months of poaching coupled with income from fishing provided them with their livelihood and sustenance for the year. In the year 90s, a visionary named Nanda Kishore Bhujabal & a local NGO named, IGS ( Indian Grameen Seva) has decided to make an attempt to bring an end to poaching of birds in Mangalajodi. As a local belonging to the Tangi area, Bhujabal realised that the only way that a change could be brought about was by taking the villagers into confidence. This effort at changing mindsets was a tough and stormy one. Yet after a lot of cajoling and counseling over years Bhujabal managed to make them see the senselessness and cruelty in the activity of poaching.

Day 02: Mangalazodi Mud House Village
After breakfast, visit Mangalajodi village, the people in this village primarily earn their living from three sectors – Agricultural Farming Fish Farming Eco-tourism Bird Tourism Village Tourism Mangalajodi otherwise known as a wetland, represents many fish species including, Khainga(Mullet), Cat Fish, Kanna, Kokill or Anchovy, Rice Fish, Panchax, Puffer Fish, Acher Fish, Climbing Perch, Dwarf Gourami, Eleotridae fish, Glass Fish, Pipe Fish, Mud Skipper etc. Then visit the Grama Devi Ugratara Temple. Visit forests of Mangalajodi and while on the journey witness forest birds and once you get to the top of the mountain enjoy the beautiful view of the Chilika lagoon. Enjoy a good local dinner by the light of a bonfire. You sit around the bonfire for as long as you like. Overnight at Mangalajodi Village.

Day 03: Mangalazodi Mud House Village
Early morning before sunrise start your journey through the wetlands of Mangalajodi on an indigenous boat, thousands of birds both resident and migratory in all their beauties and splendor. Your local leader will give you all inputs you need on the birds of Mangalajodi. Experience with the villagers of Mangalajodi; learn the basics of how to build a small fishing boat, stitching fishing net or bamboo basket making. You can also try your hands at pottery. Enjoy a good local dinner by the light of a bonfire with village soundings. You sit around bon fire for as long as you like. Overnight at Mangalajodi Village.(No Vehicle Movement and only water ways)

Day 04: Mangalazodi Mud House Village - Bhubaneswar
After breakfast check out and transfer to Bhubaneswar airport/railway station for onward journey.

  • Mud House Stay ( with Natural ventilation)
  • Vegetarian Food ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Village Visit
  • Wet land Bird Sightseeing with countryside local boat
  • Local Bird Guide
  • Binocular for Guests at wetland for Birds
  • Agri-tourism and Handicrafts

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