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Chandaka Nature Camp, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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How to Reach:

Location: Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar

Distance From Airport: 25 Km

Nearest Railway Station: Bhubaneswar

Distance from Railway Station: 25 Km

Contact Details: 9777784335


A green Highway drive of 25 Km from City Bhubaneswar to Deras Nature Camp situated in Chandaka–Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary near the Deras lake in the western part of Bhubaneswar. Visitors have all luxury to stay in lush green forests of Chandaka from the eight cozy comfortable accommodation of Deras. It is more of a destination for nature photographers, jungle lovers and for responsible Travellers. The Bamboo forest of Chandaka is home to hundreds of wild animals and birds. Birding, Trekking near side lake and jungle are major attractions for visitors... 

Visitors have all luxury to visit two hours long open Vehicle Safari will take you to the dense forest roads through the green landscapes of Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary. 

Accommodation Available at: 

Chandaka Eco Resort:

8 A/c Cottage

Deras Nature Camp: 

5 A/c cottages 

2 A/c Log houses 

1 A/c Bamboo House 

Godibari Nature Camp: 

4 A/c Rooms 

Godibari Nature Camp has 4 double bedded rooms situated within Chandaka-Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary. Kids Adventure Sports, Birding and Trekking all along the Bamboo brakes are planned in such a manner that tourists get the feel of the entire landscape. Walk in nature trail, Jungle Safari in open vehicle for two hours, cycling etc. Best Season: Chandaka Sanctuary welcome guests all-round the year. Monsoon brings special treat at Chandaka with white and grey clouds touching the forest and brings an absolute joy to the environment and ecology. Cuisine: Local recipes are cooked with local available vegetables and condiments are served in both the Nature Camps in common dining area. Food and water is included with stay. 

Jungle safari available at: 

  • Deras Nature Camp Entry Gate 

  • Godibari Nature Camp Entry Gate 

  • Bharatpur Nature camp Entry Gate 

  • Dampara Entry Gate 

Vehicle available for safari: 

  • 8 seated 

  • 12 seated vehicle 


  • Cottage – 8 rooms (A/C) at Deras 

  • Room- 4 room ( A/C) at Godibari 

  • Dining hall 

  • Toilet & Washroom 

  • Parking Place 

  • Sports 

  • Foods 

Things to do: 

  • Forest Trekking at Chadaka Elephant Sanctuary 

  • Forest Safari with Open Vehicle 

  • Interaction with locals 

  • Animal Sightseeing at Chandaka 

  • Birding at Chandaka 

  • Nature Photography 

  • Star Gazing 

  • Visit to nearby places Highlights 

  • It locates at the Forest Zone 

  • Both nature camp have 12 double bedded cottages and rooms for visitors. 

  • The accommodations have all the modern facilities and designed in a unique style. 

  • The view from nature camp is so wonderful. 

  • Here both veg and non-veg foods are served to the guests. 

  • Responsible Tourism 

  • Sustainable Tourism 

  • Village Tourism 

  • Rural Tourism 

  • Countryside Tourism 

  • Offbeat Tourism 

  • Vocal For Local Tourism 

  • Agri Tourism 

  • Community Tourism 

  • Experience Tours 

  • Engage With Local Communities 

Nature Stay Tariff per night: 

DBL Occupancy: Rs 3900 ( Starts with) 

Extra person: Rs 1000


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 

Please mail us at [email protected] or call us at 9777784335

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