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Caravan Tourism is a new tourism product, it is just like Hotel on wheels, best for family / Friends who love to explore Natural destinations on their own, best suited for destinations which are not having adequate hotel accommodation. The specially built vehicles being used for the purpose of travel, leisure and accommodation would be termed as 'Caravan'. Caravan Tourism is new to Odisha as well as India at a whole, this concept is going to dominate in the near future in the Travel Industry.

Caravan Tourism is best suited for below travelers:
  • Travelers Who loves to travel solo or with their family & friends
  • Travelers who wants infinite flexibility in their tours
  • Travelers who loves Motor home
  • Travelers who loves to enjoy raw nature & love to stay at natural landscapes
  • Travelers who enjoy their life as it comes

A campervan is a mini hotel room on wheels with beds, a toilet, and a small kitchen equipped with a microwave and refrigerator and other amenities. We are in the process of making Three Campervan for our guests, and it will be get ready by October this year. In the mean, we are in touch with other campervan Owners based in other states, on demand, we will hire them as per our guests requirement.

SUV Camper Van: Best for 2 Travelers
Force Traveler Camper Van: Best for 4 to 6 Travelers
SML Traveler Camper Van: Best for 6 to 8 Travelers

For Caravan Tour in Odisha Booking, Camper Van Hire in Odisha, please contact us at 9777784335 or mail us at [email protected]

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