Bhitarkanika Nature Camp


Bhitarkanika National Park: Eco Tourism and Forest Accommodation

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How to Reach:

Location: Bhitarkanika National Park, Kendrapada, Odisha

Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar

Distance From Airport: 175 Kms

Nearest Railway Station: Bhadrak 

Distance from Railway Station: 56 Km 

Bhitarkanika is a National Park situated in the eastern coast of Bay of Bengal. It spreads over an area of a 650 square kilometer in Kendrapara district. Bhitarkanika comprises of Bhitarkanika National Park, Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary & Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary. The second largest mangrove forest of the country, it was declared a sanctuary in 1975, in order to protect the estuarine crocodile and the turtles in their rare mangrove habitat. Other residents of the sanctuary include water monitor lizards and king cobras. About 62 different kinds of mangroves are found in the estuarine soil of the Bhitarakanika sanctuary. Naturally Mangrove trees are grown in the submerged salty tidal forest areas. Mangrove forest is the favorite habitat of shrimps and prawns, which are produced in large scale for commercial purposes in these localities.  

Famous for: 

  • Estuarine Crocodiles 

  • Migratory birds 

  • Olive Ridley Sea Turtles 

  • Virgin stretching beaches 

  • Lush green mangroves 

  • Wildlife Sanctuary 

  • Water sport 

  • Jungle cottages 

  • Marine Life 

  • Nature`s trails  

  • Never ending Creeks 

  • Forest Stay / Jungle Accommodation

Dangamal Nature Camp 

  • It is located inside the Bhitarkanika Natinal Park. 

  • Guests can reach Dangamal by boat from Gupti and Khola of they can also reach by road via Rajnagar and Khola entry point. 

  • From here you can visit to the Dangamal museum. 

  • Boat library for Children at Dangamal to study on numerus subjects 

  • It has 5 types of rooms,  

  1. Bani Bhawan – Four bedded 2 Room(Non- AC) 
  2. Hental House – Three Bedded 1 Room (Non-AC) 
  3. Sundari Bhawan- Double Bedded 3 Rooms (AC) 
  4. Heron House- Double Bedded 8 Rooms (AC) 
  5. Cheetal Cottage - Double Bedded 2 Rooms (AC) 
  • All the rooms have modern facilities and designed in a unique style. 

Habalikhati Nature Camp 

  • This nature camp is a beach resort 

  • It locates on the beach inside the Bhitarkanika National Park. 

  • From here visitors can see hundreds of Dolphins marching in sea. 

  • On the turtle hatching time Olive riddle turtles came here to lay their eggs. 

  • Guests can reach here by boat from Gupti. 

  • All the luxurious rooms are sea facing and have modern amenities. 

  • This nature camp has 4 types of room. 

  1. Tent – Double Bedded 4 Rooms (Non-AC) 
  2. Habli Bhawan- Four bedded 1 Room(Non- AC) 
  3. Habali Bhaban Type 2- Four bedded 1 Room(Non- AC) 
  4. Dolphin House - Double Bedded 4 Rooms (Non-AC) 

Gupti Nature Camp 

  • This nature camp locates on the banks of Patasala River, inside the forest of Bhitarkanika National Park. 

  • It is the entry point of the National Park. 

  • This nature camp has 6 rooms with all the modern facilities and designed in a unique style. 


Room – 32 Rooms 

Dining hall 

Toilet & Bathroom 

Parking Place 

Local Odia Foods 

Things to do: 

  • Boating 

  • Forest Trekking 

  • Crocodile Watch 

  • Dolphin Watch 

  • Olive Riddle turtles watch (When the turtles came to Odisha for hatching) 

  • Visit to Dangamal Museum 

  • Animal Sightseeing 

  • Birding 

  • Nature Photography 

  • Star Gazing 


  • Responsible Tourism 

  • Sustainable Tourism 

  • Village Tourism 

  • Rural Tourism 

  • Countryside Tourism 

  • Offbeat Tourism 

  • Vocal For Local Tourism 

  • Agro Tourism 

  • Community Tourism 

  • Experience Tours 

  • Engage With Local Communities 

  • Nature Tours 

  • Forest Stay / Jungle Accommodation


DBL Occupancy: Rs 3712 to Rs 5800

Extra Person: Rs 1200

Inclusion: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

For booking please call us at 9777784335 or mail us [email protected]

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