Angling Odisha


Angling Tour in Odisha / Sport Fishing in Odisha, India

Odisha is a paradise for nature lover: the green forest, the infinite Eastern Ghat, the non perennial rivers, virgin beaches & numerous waterfalls always attract wildlife enthusiasts. Angling in Odisha is not new, if you visit any interior part of Odisha you can easily notice village boys, men, women sitting over river side with country side fishing rod near the bank of river & pond. This can be seen throughout Odisha year around. To make this age old livelihood / interest live we have designed Angling in prominent river of Odisha with all Eco tourism activities.

Angler’s Point in Odisha:
Odisha boasts of three major river systems. 
  • The Mahanadi River
  • The Brahmani River
  • The Baitarani River
A lot of fishing activity is done along the coastal waters and in these river systems by using fishing nets. The Mahanadi being the biggest river system in Orissa, it has the best of locations and offers the biggest fishes for sport to the anglers, both in line fishing through traditional methods as well as fly fishing with rods and reels using power boats. Since there is no angling done through rod and reel with fly or bait there is tremendous possibility for this sport in these waters. 

Location in Odisha : 
There are many places for the anglers to try their luck in the waters of Mahanadi . out of these the most favorable spot is the upstream waters near the Cuttack- Choudwar Barrage, where the Mahanadi releases its tributary called Birupa. This place is quite deep and the biggest of fishes have been caught through line fishing over the years by the local people. The length of this beat is about 5 kms long which touches a small rocky island known as Nandikishori pattha. This pattha is surrounded by very deep waters with rocky beds, which provide a perfect hide for very large game fishes. 

Since Trouts and Mahseer are not available in these waters, all varieties of local carps, varieties of catfish, chhitals and murrels are in plenty and of very big size. Baits are used for carps and fly are used for the others. Sizes of more than 15 kg of carps and upto 20 kg of chittals have been caught by local line fishermen during the peak season.

The peak season starts from end of monsoon (Sept) and stretches up to mid Nov. The second season starts from Feb and continues till May. 

How to reach: 
  • By road to Jagatpur from Bhubaneshwar – 35 kms.
  • By road to Jagatput from Cuttack – 5 kms.
  • By road to Jagatpur from Choudwar – 3kms.
  • From Jagatpur by power boat to the actual point – time taken 40 minutes.

Facilities available: 
  • One power boat with life jacket .
  • To be driven by the experienced staff.
  • In no case the power boat will be driven by the angler.
  • No fishing or hiring of boat will allowed beyond sunset.
  • All fishing equipments and gears are to be brought by the angler/can be provided.
  • Strict cut off time is to be followed.
  • If time is extended then subject to extra payments

Other Activities: 

Wildlife Photography: 
The sand island on the Mahanadi river system offers a great opportunity for wildlife photographers. Many varieties of migratory birds flock to these sand islands during the winter season and make these as their temporary home. It offers equal opportunity to photographer as in chilika. Journey time taken as per the wish of the photographer.

Safari Drive:
there is a great unseen open Kapilash elephant safari near to Cuttack with open safari jeep. 

  • Power boat ride will be arranged for the wildlife photographers.
  • All photographic equipment are to be brought by the photographers at their own risk.

  • From Jagatpur to Nandakishori pattha,bird watching , historic cuttack city side viewing & angling for Rs. 11000/-. Maximum 5no. of people except driver can accommodate.
  • From Jagatpur to Damdamani,Banjhiama,Janakijhar elephant safari drive,tribal village with open jeep.Total around 70 kms only for Rs.12000/-.maximum limit 5no. Of people.

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