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Sublime Art & Crafts focused on design, aesthetic, details & story it carries to the ordinance. We are a team of contemporary artists & traditional crafters to study, observe & practice the infinite possibilities of creativity to produce some of the best designs in art & craft objects. We understand the best fusion will bring the best output & continuous practice will bring the best.

Odisha is known for its wide range of art and crafts, where each village practices some kind of art or craft forms for their livelihood and passion. Odisha is famous for its traditional arts and crafts since time immemorial; it’s other name “Utkal” signifies the significance of the same. Because the etymological derivation of the term i.e. “Ut” and “Kala” roughly refers to excellence of art. Hence, the term Utkal is completely appropriate for this state.

For our visitors and art appreciators we have taken a novel initiative where you can directly buy Odisha's art, crafts, textile. Kindly click on Sublime Online Store for range of local products that are made by local artists and craftsmen.

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