Cuisine of Odisha


Recipes of Odisha

Cuisine of Odisha is not new to the world & traditionally famous for its mouth watering recipes. Being a coastal state it has a source of many unique varieties of food served over here. The soil is naturally fertile, produces many variety of rice & lentils. Odisha is famous for its dessert & sea food. Jagannath Temple of puri as we all known is the largest kitchen in the world. The people of Odisha are religious & that reflects in their food habits. The majority of Odia population prefer fish & other Sea food items like prawns, crabs & lobsters. People of Odisha are very fond for curd, coconut water, lime water. Odisha has many festival & each festival is associate with certain type of Pithas (cake). The most delicious deserts & cakes are Rasogalla, Chanapoda, Bhajaa Mondaa Pitha, Kaakara Pitha etc etc.Contact for More Details...